BOTY BEDA s.r.o., Židlochovice





Production program SHOES BEDA Ltd. operating on the Czech market since 2002.
The company followed the traditional Czech domestic production of footwear that were in the shoe industry, always sure place.
Today, the company SHOES BEDA Ltd. It ranks among the best-known Czech manufacturer of children's leather shoes and home shoes, with an annual production of 100000 p. Currently, production capacity of 300 -700 pairs a day. The company employs about 25 workers. All manufacturing operations are carried out within the company.
The quality of children's walking and slippers is attested certificates of quality and safety. For children's shoes is a sign "CZECH QUALITY-GIRAFFE". The products are certified by an accredited testing laboratory ITC as Zlin. Footwear is produced by an entirely of natural materials, especially cotton and leather. Certificates which have top quality.
Footwear respects the principles of healthy development of children's feet.

BOTY BEDA s.r.o.
Zdeněk Helma - executive
Žerotínovo nábř. 756, 667 01 Židlochovice, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420/547 231 330, 00420/602 531 601
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