FLEXIKO CZ, s.r.o., Lhota u Malenovic




The FLEXIKO CZ company was founded in 1992. Since its foundation, it has been specialising in manufacture of stitchdown footwear. The shoe production comprises the entire manufacturing cycle starting from sampling, clicking and preparing of semi-finished products (shoe components), stitching, shoe bottoming to the final product.

The company makes walking (street) shoes and work boots (tested by the Testing and Certification Institute a.s. in Zlín).

The product range includes light-weight hiking boots for young people (known as „pioneer boots„ in the Czech Republic), higher upper boots known as „farmer boots„, boots with „Vibram„ type sole, light-weight white colour prophylactic shoes, glass-maker's footwear, hiking boots and leisure footwear, etc. A company's speciality is also manufacture of shoes using two technologies: the lining is lasted using cementing process while upper is lasted employing the stitchdown technology. The footwear manufactured by the FLEXIKO company comprises predominantly leather upper, textile lining and rubber sole. Service properties of this footwear are extraordinarily high: the shoes are strong and at the same time very flexible and comfortable, which is given by the stitchdown manufacturing method. During its existence, the company has built a network of regular customers, which are mainly firms recognising quality of Czech products. The footwear is supplied not only to the domestic market but also to France, United Kingdom, Italy, U.S.A., Slovenia, Hungary and other countries.

FLEXIKO CZ, s.r.o., Vladislav Staněk - executive
Lhota 279, 763 02 Zlín Malenovice, Czech Republic
Phone/fax: 00420/577 991 142,
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