METIS, s.r.o., Praha





The company makes a variety of individual prostheses including individual orthopaedic footwear. The individual prosthetic products manufactured by the company include prostheses of amputated upper and lower extremities (limbs), limb and trunk ortheses, bandage fasteners, epithetic limb devices. Company´s speciality is treatment of orthopaedic and prosthetic conditions when a non-standard clinical finding has been made. At physician´s recommendation the company´s technicians visit the immobile bedridden patient. In addition to the above activity the company provides consultancy on rational indication, construction and use of both mechanical and electric bath chairs (carriages for the disabled). The consultancy hours are as follows: on working days daily from 8 to 12 a.m., at other times, as appointed.

Metis, s.r.o.
MUDr. Matějíček Michal, CSc. - Executive
Bohušovická 541/8, 190 00 Praha 9 - Prosek, Czech Republic
Phone/fax: 00420/224 811 168, mobile phone: 00420/603 156 283
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