Leon ORTHOSHOES s.r.o., Zlín

The company Leonortho SHOES was founded in the year 1999. The company's main product line includes light-weight work and health footwear providing an orthopaedic effect. The anatomically shaped insole manufactured by the company Leon SHOES was developed in a co-operation with experts and specialists in healthy shoe-wearing and orthopaedics. The above insole is made exclusively from natural materials. The footwear made by the company Leon SHOES is manufactured at the company's own costs while incorporating a great deal of manual work and utilizing up-to-date manufacturing processes. All models of the footwear made by the company Leion SHOES are certified as an orthopaedic and work footwear. The company supplies the footwear in any size range and any colour.


Leon ORTHOSHOES, s.r.o.
Holešovská 148, Areál MAVA (budova 8/2, u komína), 763 16 Fryšták
Phone/fax: +420 577 911 236, mob.: +420 725 144 305
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