Zlín is one of the towns, and of right, that has the possibility to prepare university educated specialists. The developed leather, footwear, rubber and plastics industries made it necessary to establish at Zlín a technological faculty, which is a part of one of the oldest universities in Europe, Technical University in Brno.

The Faculty with its nearly thirty year's history has become an integral and unseparable part of the town. During this period, it has provided university education to about 3 thousand students.

At the present time, the Faculty of Technology is a top educational institution providing university education in selected technological and economic fields. The technological branch of study includes technology of leather, plastics and rubber as well as footwear and leather fancy goods manufacture.

The Faculty is active not only in the Zlín region but has also established contacts with similar institutions abroad. The Faculty's educational goal is preparation of specialists in rubber, plastics and leather processing, ecology, economy and management possessing Bachelor of Science, Graduate Chemical Engineer and Ph.D. degrees.

Faculty of Technology Zlín
doc. Ing. Roman Čermák, Ph.D. – Dean
nám. T.G. Masaryka 275, 762 72 Zlín, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420/576 031 314, fax: 00420/577 210 172
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